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How to Use Bookmarking Demon

How to use Bookmarking Demon
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Bookmarking Demon is a tool where you can get unlimited supply of High PR Back links and Targeted Traffic from Bookmarking Site. Although the price is relatively expensive, but has a lot of benefits that are very beneficial for those who are in the unique community of dollar income.

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Here's how to use Bookmarking Demon:
  1. Get Bookmarking demon free download here.
  2.  Extract ZIP/RAR file of BMD.
  3. If you do not have ZIP/RAR, than you have to find it on Google search. Type "download rar", for free!
  4. Click SETUP BMD, it will usually ask to free download 2 files :

  • A. Microsoft Download here
  • B. Microsoft 3.5. Download here

Next step is activating license:
1.   Fill in license number and wait for it to connect
to the server.
2.   Click "OK" again.
3.   Please click the "expert"
4.   Click "social bookmarking sites" (red arrows). click create "accounts" (green arrows).
5.   Fill in the form requested, enter your email (remember, it's better for you to create new email ). Click ok.
6.   Next step is bulk registration process to +100 bookmarking sites. Just wait and type the entire captcha.
7.   After finished, click "close".

Please log in to your email and do such thing:
  1. Verify the member registration.
  2. Click on the links one by one
  3. After verification process is complete than submit your site to Bookmarking.
  4. At the top, click on "my web pages".
  5. Click the "add / import web pages ".
  6.  Insert your site, who later would be automatically submitted to the social bookmarking.
  7. Click "OK",
  8. Click "close"
  9. Next, click the "bookmarking" at the top.
  10. Click "add my web pages to queue".
  11. And please wait.
  12. After process of "added" is complete, click "Proceeds to submit".

This is the important part of Bookmarking :
  1. Process to submit your site
  2. Enter manually captcha again one by one.

There is nothing there that failed too successful.

Okay, now we came to the end of the process, namely Ping. What is ping?, ping is earlier bookmarking indexed by Google.

The last step is:
  1. Clicks "ping servers" on the top menu.
  2. Click "add ping servers". Copy + paste PINGlist and Click "Test Ping Servers", after done click “save”.


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